What is John F. Barnes Myofascial Release

John F. Barnes, PT discovered what he later called Myofascial Release almost 50 years after suffering a debilitating low back injury in a weight room. He came to realize that the linear thinking he was taught in Physical Therapy school, of how our bodies heal, wasn’t helping to relieve his pain over the long run.  He came to learn that our fascia, or connective tissue, is not the dried up, non-purposeful layers of tissue that was minimally, if at all, talked about to medical students across the country. In fact, in the living human, he came to discover that the 3-dimentional, head to foot fascial system is the largest living system in the body.  He also came to learn this this is the only system to touch and therefore affect, all other systems.  He came to realize that the more you push against a system, the more it pushes back, explaining why the work he teaches is primarily so gentle.  With the practitioners’ hands placed on dry skin, in certain positions, with a certain amount of pressure, over an extended period of time, our fascial system will begin to Release.   

When our fascia hardens due to trauma, surgeries, inflammation in our bodies, or repetitive movements, it puts crushing pressure on surrounding structures. This, in turn, often causes pain in various degrees, showing up in various locations. Since our fascial system is a 3-dimentional web spanning throughout our entire body, pain in one area doesn’t necessarily indicate the origin of that pain.  This is the amazing difference between JFB Myofascial Release and all other healing modalities. 

“Nothing shuts down healing faster than the 'why?' “ - John F. Barnes