A Self Blessing........by Barbara Arclinger

A Self Blessing


I bless myself

and these things around me

these things that make the circle of my life..

I bless myself

and my past

For in blessing my past

and these things that I bring from ages past

I become who I am now.

Good or bad, cheerful or painful, my past is a blessing,

For it has formed me

shaped me

held me

released me

thrust me into the present.

I bless my past in me.


I bless myself

and these things to my left and right..

I bless myself

in my present

the two halves of who i am today.

For in blessing both my intellect and my emotions

and these things I gather into my life I live now

I recognize who i am now.

Left and right

rational and spiritual

words and images

austerity and comfort-

I bring divisions together.

My present blesses me

For it is how I am n the world

how I think and feel

how i act and live.

It pulls me out of the past

and thrusts me into the future.

I bless my life as it is today.


I bless myself

and the things that point to what is to come.

I bless myself

And my uncertainties, my potentialities, my future.

For in blessing what is new in my life

I move toward what I can be:

unknown but shown

unpredictable but mapped

potential to be fulfilled.

My future is waiting for me

more of who I am is waiting for me to be reborn.

I bless my life as it is now.

  Every-day of my life..  

                                              Barbara Arclinger

Kathy Murillo