Ventura Myofascial Release


December 2016:

Kathy's MFR trip to Sedona (Subtle Energy and MFR3 Classes)

November 2016 Video:
Thomas Myers, Fascia 101

October 2016:
Carol Davis, PhD's new book :-)

Integrative Therapies in Rehabilitation: Evidence for Efficacy in Therapy, Prevention, and Wellness
You can get more information or buy this book on Amazon

September 2016:

Expression of the Endocannabinoid Receptors in Human Fascial tissue on Fascial Fitness Australia

August 2016 Video:
"Unwinding; we are animals, too!" Rosie says it's great fun and she does this daily.

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July 2016:

Myofascial Release by John F. Barnes on Massage Magazine

June 2016 Video:
Live 14-minute Nationwide Radio Interview

May 2016:

Abraham Maslow Quote

April 2016:

Tissue Talks: Fascia Congress Explores the Underlying Connection to Health

March 2016:

Carol Davis Quote

February 2016:

Kathy's MFR trip to Key West (Quantum Leap Class)

January 2016 Video:
The Fascial System Explained


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Myofascial Release Relieves Symptoms From Injuries & Chronic Conditions