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December 2014:

Spread Your Love Everywhere You Go - Mother Teresa

November 2014 Article:

Plantar Fasciitis (Part Two)

October 2014 Article:

Plantar Fasciitis (Part One)

September 2014 Article:

Myofascial Release for the Whole Person
by John F. Barnes, PT

August 2014 Article:

The Top 5 Reasons Fascia Matters in Athletes
by Brooke Thomas

July 2014 Article:

The Elasto-Collagenous Complex
by John F. Barnes, PT

June 2014 Article:

Myofascial Release: The "Missing Link" in Your Treatment
by John F. Barnes, PT

May 2014 Video:
Self-Rebounding, with Owen Dodge, LMBT

April 2014 Article:

Therapeutic Insight: The John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Perspective—Fragmented Thinking
by John F. Barnes, PT

March 2014 Video:
Myofascial Unwinding, by John F. Barnes, PT

February 2014:

Favorite Quote

January 2014 Video:
MFR Self-Treatment for the Psoas á la the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach™


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